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Trace Mineral definition:
They play a very important roll in health, since even with very tiny amounts of them, the health could be powerfully affected.

cats vitamins, mineralsThey are essential in the assimilation and utilization of vitamins and other nutrients.

They aid in the digestive process and function as catalyzers of many hormones, enzymes and other essential bodily functions and reactions.

They also help replenish the electrolytes lost in perspiration or in intense diarrhea.

They protect the body against toxic reactions and poisoning by heavy metals. 

The origin of POWER CAT Trace Minerals is a fossil rock from an ancient seabed, with a natural composition of salts and oligoelements in a chelated form, balanced in such way so as to conform a neutral salt. Thus mediating in the inflammatory processes, regulating it’s acidity. 

Particularly POWER CAT Trace Minerals, have the characteristic of being anti-inflammatory, whether orally or applying them over the skin. 

They aid in the digestive process in such way, so as to increase the assimilation of some substances that usually are not digested, such as fiber; giving a maximum use to the nutrients. 

They promote the growth of nails, hair and skin, increasing the color of them, retarding premature aging and white hairs. 

They increase fertility and improve testicular and ovarian function. 

They improve the function of joints and bones, especially in those cats that are showing arthritis at old age, prolonging their life span. 

catsThey improve the assimilation of any drug therapy, increasing it’s absorption. 

They also provide with an invaluable source of electrolytes, which replace the salt loss due to perspiration and breathing, especially during the months of summer. 

Finally they have a powerful antioxidant effect, which improves the general function of the cells, retarding their aging. This antioxidant effect also gives the minerals a characteristic that protects the body against certain poisons and toxins, which normally would deteriorate the condition of many cells, gradually sickening the animal. An example of this are the insecticides, pesticides, household cleaners and other chemicals that the cats absorb through simple contact with the surface on which they live. 

These trace minerals are not like other Pre- Mixes that contain 10 or 20 minerals available separately in the market. Just the fact that it contains diluted gases and chelated heavy metals such as Barium, Cadmium, Strontium, Radium and many others, demonstrates that this is not a Pre-Mix, since the heavy metals are not available over the counter to be incorporated in a pure form to any formula. The Minerals contained in POWER CAT are naturally occurring, where they have been balanced naturally in this formula, after a slow process of fossilization of algae and marine animals.

Therefore, there is NO OTHER product in the market that has the same characteristics.

Click here for Spanish  (Aqui para Español)