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Welcome to our site. While the primary focus of our site, is to introduce you to what is considered to be the only answer for the treatment and prevention of equine laminitis. We also are pleased to offer some of the horse worlds premier supplements, from Joint health, Colic prevention, Vitamin supplementation, and Endurance rehydration.

Please take the time to visit our testimonial page, you will find success stories that will give you hope and great expectations.

The fact that you are visiting our site tells us that you have an interest in horses and in their health. You are well aware of the fact that horses are faced with many challenges each and every day of their lives. Power Horse Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals, can make these challenges simple tasks instead of conitnous head aches and heart aches. The wonderful thing about Power Horse, is that is not a fancy joint supplement, it is not a wonder gel, nor is it a super charged energy supplement.

In simple terms, Power Horse Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals is a micro mineral supplement which provides your horse with the vital essential minerals that are lacking in our hay and grain today. Before you start thinking that you allready feed minerals so Power Horse is not for you. I urge you to read on: Power Horse is only found in one place on earth, a mine that we own that is an acient sea bed. It cannot be manufactured nor can it be replaced by any other product. Power Horse Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals is one and only, there never will be another product like it ever.

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Hi I just wanted to say I owe the life of my horse to your product. My 8 year old Clyde mare foundered with rotation in the summer of 2003. My vet put her on pain medication and stall rest. She was very lame on her left front foot. And I was worried the stress and weight she was putting on her other good foot would cause it to founder too. I tried everything to try to make herbetter. Nothing was helping... <continue>
To keep things as simple as possible. Power Horse Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals enters the blood stream and acts as a detoxifier. This detoxification is what allows Power Horse Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals to treat and prevent Laminitis and accomplish all of the benfits mentioned above.. Please click here for Dr. Cortelezzi's scientific explanation on how Power Horse functions once it enters the horses system. Read here for an in depth explanation on how power horse works.
  • Healthy HOOVES.
  • Defends against VIRUS, BACTERIA, & FUNGI.
  • Elinimates TOXINS.
  • Improves ENDURANCE.
  • Reduces STRESS.
  • Healthy JOINTS.
  • Show ring SHINE.
  • Improves CONCEPTION rate.

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