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Equine Dewormer
Equine Dewormer
Price: $6.95

We started  treatment with the Trace Minerals administering 2 ounces a day,  a period  20 days. Then we reduced  dose 1 ounce daily. I had  chance  oversee  trial  three consecutive years.
In a matter  20 days we started  observe some changes  were very promising. The hair started  change, together with skin  nail tissues (hooves). The growth   sole was noticeable   appearance  an elastic, harder, new tissue was observed. These findings were seen with  use   Trace Minerals alone. No other known hoof enhancers   type  biotin or methionine were used, although  combination  them could be very promising;   could be  interaction between these Trace Minerals   regular veterinary prescriptions  are used  these cases.

NOTE: This product comes in two flavors and can be specified in the cart checkout which flovor you would like

Apple Flavored Ivermectin Paste
Apple Flavored Pyrantel Paste

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