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Power Horse - Power Joint 5lb
Power Horse - Power Joint 5lb
Price: $115.00
Designed  achieve  same absorption levels  other low molecular weight products,  high doses  Chondroitin (HCL) Glucosamine (2KCL) enhanced with Vitamin C (Ascorbate), makes  comparable   leading products available   equine industry; while maintaining  characteristics  easy absorption at  intestinal level, inherent   elements with low molecular weight. These are  most effective, but at  same time  least used, due  their cost. 
In addition,  inclusion  MSM, Yucca  Boswellia increases  natural analgesic  anti-arthritic power   formula.  
The Manganese  known  help with  production  collagen  proteoglycans from  glucosamine   chondroitin sulfate. 
POWER HORSE JOINT-PLUS  so powerful   can be administered daily with a dose  1 oz, reducing  some cases  ½ oz daily, after an initial supplementation period.  
When compared   leading products, whether at full or half dose, POWER HORSE JOINT-PLUS offers  highest levels supplements, with  desired effects, while reducing  cost significantly.
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